Knowledge, discipline and results: The small- and mid-market specialist.

As leading business development advisors to small-to-medium sized firms, IVC serves on a client’s senior leadership team as a high-level marketing and sales advisor, but on a part-time, outsourced basis.  We work according to our client’s needs and desires and at the pace of implementation, whether daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly — whatever it takes to drive implementation and results.  Our primary focus is to help clients solve problems that hinder profitable revenue growth — the ultimate objective of any business.  There’s no bottom line without a top line!

In all cases, services are confidential and at the tempo and cost commensurate with client needs.

We learn, we focus, and we guide implementation to get results.  A core competency and true IVC differentiator is the ability to collect and analyze primary and/or secondary research that’s relevant, both in and out of the box, and leads to uncanny observations and targeted strategies.  Through a detailed gap analysis, we build solutions based on strengths and differentiators while simultaneously reducing weaknesses and eliminating roadblocks to successful implementation.

We also ensure that all strategy and tactic planning is communicated throughout the organization with total buy-in.  Finally, we manage the entire assortment of resources, internal and external, for successful execution and results.

Core Services.

Industrial Visions’ Business Improvement Methodology

No one helps clients understand growth options like IVC — another core competency and true differentiator!

Revenue growth is divided into two fundamental areas:

Internal (organic):  uses internal resources to enhance sales
External:  uses external resources (mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.) to enhance sales

IVC is the foremost expert in identifying the array of internal (organic) growth options through a proprietary and copyrighted framework.   We also have strong capability in identifying and integrating external growth partners (e.g. M&A, JVs, strategic alliances, financing, investors, etc.) through a vast network of strategic alliances.

By focusing on internal (organic), external, or both to increase profitable revenues, working with IVC is basically a three-stage process.

External Market AnalysisInternal Infrastructure and Behavioral AnalysisLaunch, Learn and Tweak
External Market Analysis

It begins with an External Market Analysis.  Through extensive, accurate and unbiased market research, we capture the “state of a business” from several perspectives relative to our clients including competitors, prospective customers and influencers.  Only then can one’s true position in its market universe be revealed.

Competitive analysis and benchmarking
Prospect and market needs analysis
Geography, country and cultural analysis
Technology analysis
Gap / opportunity analysis
Internal Infrastructure and Behavioral Analysis
Next, through an Internal Infrastructure and Behavioral Analysis, we plan go-to-market strategies that capitalize on opportunities uncovered in the External Market Analysis. Strategies should only be developed with the organization’s ability to implement in mind . . . maybe not immediately, but eventually with the right tweaks.  IVC identifies and then breaks down infrastructure and behavioral barriers to ensure a high probability of successful strategy implementation. In doing so, we:

Plot optimized strategies that market valued differentiators with goals and metrics
Assess organization’s and individual’s ability and willingness to implement change
Eliminate emotional, psychological and political barriers hindering change
Identify additional internal and external resources to implement change
Launch, Learn and Tweak

Finally, since markets are dynamic, they cannot be addressed effectively with static marketing plans or programs.  Instead, market planning must be an ongoing, ever-adjusting processes used to correct for inevitable market fluctuations, like actions taken by competitors, prospective customers and influencers.  Therefore, IVC is the player-coach helping clients set and execute the initial course, but then regularly and systematically evaluates effectiveness, adjusts plans and resources accordingly, and re-implements.