Qualified Candidates Quickly

Short ListIVC Short ListSM is a cost-effective way to identify 3-5 top local candidates for job openings without the hassle and expense of finding people on your own. No creating and circulating ads on Indeed or LinkedIn and subsequently screening too few or too many resumes taking months.

IVC Short ListSM services target small-to-medium sized business-to-business manufacturers, distributors, and service suppliers. With almost 20 years creating and implementing strategic planning for this base of closely-held and family-owned and/or operated firms, our professional search tools and efficient screening methods cut to the chase to provide vetted candidates in a matter of weeks.

And since charges are hourly, IVC Short ListSM services are typically a quarter to half the cost of contingent and retainer-based recruiting services.

We identify 3-5 top local candidates quickly and inexpensively. You interview, choose, and hire. It’s that simple!

IVC Short ListSM Features:
  • For Small-to-Medium Sized B2B Manufacturers, Distributors, and Service Providers
  • Job Candidates Found for Positions (Proactive) Instead of Candidates Finding Positions (Reactive)
  • Candidates with Record of Job Retention, Not Job Hopping, Interested in Career Advancement
  • Detailed Company and Position Profile Presentations to Most Interested Candidates
  • Cover a Wide Variety of Job Functions
  • For Seasoned Managers and Non-Managers, Exempt and Non-Exempt
  • Hourly Rate, not Retainer or Percent of Total Compensation
IVC Short ListSM Benefits (Time is Money):
  • Get 3-5 Qualified and Interested Candidates to Interview
  • Significantly Shortened Recruiting Cycle
  • Quarter to Half the Cost of Retained or Contingent Search:
    • No Advertising or Money Spent on Recruiting Tools
    • No Resume Vetting of Any Unqualified Applicants
    • No Relocation as Candidates are Typically Within an Hour Drive

The Process

1. What You Do:
Identify Need for a Person
Create or Verify a Job Description
Detail a Job Compensation Range
First Post in Company to Consider Internal Candidates
If Unsuccessful, Discuss with IVC Need for External Candidates
2. What We Do:
Get to Know Your Company, Job Description, and Compensation
Generate a Master List of Target Candidates
Electronic and Phone “Selling” of Company and Position to Master List
Reduce Master List to a Qualified, Interested, and Manageable Short List of 3-5 Candidates
3. What You Do:
Create Selection Team and Assign Responsibilities
Phone Interview Candidate Short List (3-5)
Reduce to In-Person Interview List (2-3)
Conduct In-Person Interviews to Confirm Job and Culture Fit
Extend Offer Contingent Upon Checks and Tests
Hire and Onboard
Additional Services:
Background Checks
Reference Checks
Personality Tests
Skills Tests
Not For
Searches Without a Specific Location
Recent Graduates in Entry-level Positions